Specialised Securitisation Finance for SME Borrowers

Brokers and Referring Partners can now enjoy direct access to Cashflow Lending, Loans and Asset Finance     for their clients in a simple and immediate digital process

50,000 borrowers, $20 billion in 10 years.
Launch date 1st October, 2018

ALTITUDE Funds Management

Dedicated to Fund your Deal Fast and Simple

Altitude Funds Management

A Fixed Interest Fund Manager which issues Secured Notes to Investors to finance the loans it makes.

Altitude Partners

Establishes the processes enabling channels to access finance for SME loans.

Altitude Digital Marketing

Provides direct customer access programs for both Altitude Funds Management and its partner channels to build growing loan volumes.

Altitude Trust Services

Our Trustee is a name you can trust – 10 years making SME borrower loans

ALTITUDE Funds Management How it Works

Altitude is a specialised private sector funds manager established exclusively for SME's. Brokers, Partners, Aggregators, Banks and Finance Companies will be able to access the automated SMEBank in a Box Platform. If the prospective borrowers comply with credit parameters, they will automatically be funded.

Altitude provides multiple SME funding solutions for:

  • Autos and Plant & Equipment
  • Invoice Finance & Export Finance for cashflow and working capital
  • Insurance PremiumPay
  • Finance for Import and Inventory
  • Business Loans for unexpected expenses

All borrowers will have access to the SME Business Centre



Access exclusively established SME funding, cross sell multiple solutions under 1 accreditation and offer a KNOW NOW service via SME Loan Market


Businesses with SME Customers can offer finance previously unavailable in the market.

Banks & Finance Companies

We offer funding and platforms, providing additional SME products to your business.

Digital Delivery

Technology is a facilitator to grow opportunities and enable a more efficient process for originators.


Broker Groups, Aggregators and Finance Companies can offer co-branded SME Finance.

Virtual Finance

Altitude Partners can implement full or partial funding solutions and loan origination and management platforms to create a virtual finance business.

ALTITUDE Digital Marketing

What is digital marketing?

Digital Marketing is the use of all advertising channels available online


A shortage of businesses conducting digital marketing across SMEs.


To use digital marketing strategies to bridge the experience gap between a customer and digital via an online ecosystem.

What do we want to achieve?

Increase ROI through low-cost of origination, high-volume of leads and an end-to-end digital customer experience

How do we do it?

Using digital marketing strategies and digital platforms as a service.

Services we provide

Digital Marketing strategies include mobile, social media, search engine marketing, search engine optimisation, public relations, website, content strategy, email, digital health checks and strategy & planning

ALTITUDE TrustServices Pty Ltd

Managing all Loan Assets

SME BusinessCentre will manage all Credit, Settlement and Loan Servicing, including settling commissions when due.

Wholesale Securitisation Funding

Altitude TrustServices Pty Ltd will issue Secured Notes to Investors from Super Funds and Institutions looking for regular income from providing the finance to your borrowers.

Maintaining Trust across the SME sector Financing

Working with SME BusinessCentre, Altitude Trust Services Pty Ltd will ensure your funds flow fast and the process is simple.

Credit Policy in a secured Framework so you know what to expect

Altitude Trust Services Pty Ltd has adopted the SMEBank in a Box platform of Cunnington & Co which delivers consistent outcomes that meet the Trustees approvals immediately.

7 Product Solutions

01Plant & Equipment Finance

Secured Loans for all equipment types including Business Equipment, IT, Software and Plant.

02Auto Finance

New or Used commercial vehicles for all business purposes.

03Business Loans

Including ATO payments, bills, working capital and Pre-Export finance.

04Trade Finance

Import Finance, Export finance supporting a complete supply chain.

05Inventory Finance

Raw materials or finished stock for all business types.


Pay by the month insurance premium funding.

07Invoice Finance

Funding of invoice receivables is a key finance solution to SME growth.

The ALTITUDE evangelists who will get your deals done

Alex Brydges
Alex Brydges

Alex Brydges

Director | Distribution |

Eijaaz Charania
Eijaaz Charania

Eijaaz Charania

Digital Marketing Manager |

The Board of ALTITUDE Funds Management Limited

Jennet Cunnington
Jennet Cunnington

Jennet Cunnington

Director |

Don Cunnington
Don Cunnington

Don Cunnington

Director |

Saud Mukhtar
Saud Mukhtar

Saud Mukhtar

Company Secretary |

Broker & Aggregator Finance

$20,000 to $20,000,000

Loan terms to 36 months with rights to redraw each 6 months

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